Vegan Wellbeing Project Launched

We – along with colleagues from QUT – launched the Vegan Wellbeing Project recently.

In the project we are making use of visual methods (photos) to understand what it’s like being a vegan in a carnist world. People interested in participating submit photos that they feel express their vegan lives, along with a few words/paragraphs explaining the images if they want to. We will then analyse these materials to get a better understanding of the challenges of being vegan then meat and dairy intake is normalised at a societal level.

From the website here’s a bit more about the project:

Anecdotally, we’ve observed it’s not always easy being green.

We’re finding out more about vegans’ social health and wellbeing. So, in this project we invite vegans to show us aspects of their social experiences to do with time spent with partners, friends and family, work, hobbies and/or community activities.

How will they show us? By taking photos of their daily, lived experiences.

We want to know more about how being a predominantly meat-eating culture affects vegan health and wellbeing.

You can find out more about the project here.

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