Finding out what makes vegans tick?

We recently launched The Vegan Wellbeing Project.

The VWP is a research project finding out more about vegans’ social health and wellbeing broadly conceived. In other words it’s not just about narrow definitions of health but about what it’s like to live as a vegan in a carnist world.

We’re collecting data from vegans about all aspects of their lives. Participants send us images that show how being vegan affects their lives – for the good and the bad. They also send us brief explanations about these images. Ultimately we will analyse all these documents in our research. For now, we are still collecting this data.

But we couldn’t wait to share some of the exciting images and thoughts our participants are sending us. So, we’ve compiled some examples to share in our gallery.

As you can see we are already starting to get interesting information about:

  • How important experimenting with new foods can be
  • How seeing others around you/us become interested in, and try, vegan lifestyles is so important
  • How veganism impacts all aspects of your/our lives and how important it is to be able to align our values and practices
  • How it can be really hard living in a world where most people don’t see or acknowledge normative animal cruelty

We can’t wait to get more submissions from those of you already signed up to the project. And if you aren’t signed up and are interested to learn more and maybe participate you can find out more here.


Artwork: Heather Fraser

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