Nik Taylor: A Sociology for other animals


A Sociology for other animals, Associate Prof Nik Taylor, Flinders University. Text of a talk presented at Development for Species: Animals in Society, Animals as Society, the inaugural conference of the Australian Sociological Association’s Animals and Sociology thematic group, Melbourne, … Continue reading

Making a Killing: The Greyhound Racing Industry Exposed


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Like many others we were horrified and appalled by last night’s Four Corners, “Making a Killing”, investigation into live baiting in the Australian greyhound racing industry.  We were not, however, surprised at the revelations that piglets, possums and rabbits are … Continue reading

Pets living in throwaway societies


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The throwaway society is a term used to criticise the excessive production of goods, and hyper-consumerism of so many Western societies, which negatively impact the environment and produce a great deal of waste. One only has to think of the … Continue reading