Nik Taylor: A Sociology for other animals


A Sociology for other animals, Associate Prof Nik Taylor, Flinders University. Text of a talk presented at Development for Species: Animals in Society, Animals as Society, the inaugural conference of the Australian Sociological Association’s Animals and Sociology thematic group, Melbourne, … Continue reading

Why Michelle Payne’s victory at the Melbourne Cup is not a win for women or horses


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Yesterday, for the first time in Melbourne Cup history a female jockey, Michelle Payne, rode the horse, Prince of Penzance, who won. As a general rule, I don’t like to run down or criticise other women. There are plenty of … Continue reading

Changing the Way We See Animals is Crucial if We Want a Better World


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If we want a better world for all species – including humans—we need to change the way we view and treat animals. This sounds like a reasonable argument to make. Yet, ordinarily we would stay away from this argument.  Stick … Continue reading