News – 2017

Media Coverage of Equine Assisted Therapy

One of our members featured in this media coverage of the benefits of equine assisted therapy.  More about the Phoenix House project research can be found here.

Media Coverage of our Loving You, Loving Me: Domestic Violence and Companion Animals research project.

8586330-3x2-700x467Online story about our research project can be found here

New Publication


Although the role of companion animals within the dynamic of domestic violence (DV) is increasingly recognized, the overlap of animal harm and insurance discrimination for victims/survivors of DV has not been considered. Prompted by a case study presented in a National Link Coalition LINK-Letter, this research note examines “Pet Insurance” policies available in Australia and whether nonaccidental injury caused by an intimate partner would be covered. We discuss the implications of exclusion criteria for victims/survivors of DV, shelters providing places for animals within a DV dynamic, and, more broadly, for cross- or mandatory-reporting (of animal harm) initiatives.

Critical Animal and Media Studies: Communication for Nonhuman Animal Advocacy: Review

9781138842267Review of Núria Almiron, Matthew Cole and Carrie P. Freeman, (Eds) Critical Animal and Media Studies: Communication for Nonhuman Animal Advocacy, Routledge 2016 that Nik has a chapter in.

Loving Me, Loving You: Women and children illustrate what it means to survive domestic/family violence with their animal companions

loki-and-bailey Loving You, Loving Me – June 9th, 2017.

DV exhibition image onlyThis project reflects an alliance between Flinders University researchers (Heather and Nik), the Northern Domestic Violence Service and Relationships Australia, South Australia (North) and uses photography, art and interviews to explore how women and children illustrate what it means to them to survive domestic/family violence with their companion animals.

You can read about the Rescuing You, Rescuing Me book that will draw on this project – along with others we have conducted – to consider animals in domestic violence and abuse.  See our EVENTS page for more detail.

advertiser croppedLucy’s Project – 2017 conference will be held in Adelaide.

We will post more details here as we get them.

Meantime check out Lucy’s Project’s website, and a review of last year’s conference.