August 2018: Several of us from the group – Heather Fraser, Damien Riggs and myself (Nik) recently secured funding from the Australian Lesbian Medical Association for a project looking at the role of animal companions in the health and wellbeing of women of diverse genders and/or sexualities. We’ve now finished this project and started analysing our data. Below is an infographic showing some of our early findings (if you click on it you should be able to see it larger size).  We also have a couple of papers underway and close to submission so watch this space for more information!

June 2018: New paper published by the AISWG convenors

Resisting sexism and speciesism in the social sciences: Using feminist, species‐inclusive, visual methods to value the work of women and (other) animals


Visual methods offer social scientists some promising possibilities for valuing the work of women and animals in domestic homes and formal organizations, such as schools, hospitals, residential care facilities and other workplaces. In this article, we consider how visual methods might be used to ‘put women and animals in the frame’. We draw data and inspiration from our What is it About Animals study [2015–2016], which involved an online call for people over 16 years of age, to post pictures, poems, stories and videos depicting what animals mean to them. We pay attention to attempts to resist sexism and speciesism in the valuing of work, including emotional labour. We consider the possibility of post‐humanist methods for animal subject‐hood, and a sociology of animals, emotions and work. We end with a discussion of possible future visual methods projects to value the work of women and (other) animals.


February 2018: One of our research papers was reported on by Faunalytics.

LGBT Relationships, Domestic Violence, And Companion Animals

The link between domestic violence and animal abuse in hetero relationships is well-established, but similar research in LGBT relationships is lacking.


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