Prospective Students

We are always happy to chat to prospective Honours, MA by research and PhD students interested in human-animal studies.  You can contact the group conveners at or you can contact individual members (their contact details can be found on the Flinders website which is linked on the members page).

Potential topics of interest to us include (but are not limited to):

  • Animal advocacy and social movements for animals
  • Animal assisted therapy and the role of assistance animals
  • Animals and social work
  • Critical Animal Studies and intersecting oppressions
  • Critical engagements with animal oppressions particularly focussed on meat eating
  • Examinations of the construction, role and place of animals in society/human practices
  • Human-animal abuse links
  • Meat eating, carnism and slaughterhouse workers
  • Social theory/sociology and animals
  • The role of companion animals in human lives and society
  • Working with animals
  • Vegetarianism and veganism

Undergraduate topics offered at Flinders University through the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Science are:

Animals, Nature, Environment and Society (SOCI 2023)