Training and Professional Development Courses

Training and Professional Development

The AISWG offers various training and professional development opportunities.  These are outlined below, but can be customised to meet the needs of most organisations. For information please contact either Heather ( or Nik (

Please note these are generally not available to the public (our public events are listed under the events tab) and usually incur an honorarium that goes towards our work at the AISWG.  We recognise many of our customers are NGO’s and so have a sliding scale of fees. Email us for more information.

Recent Workshops include:

  • Minda, Human-Animal relationships and Animal Assisted Therapies: Benefits, ethics and practicalities.
  • Uniting Care Wesley, Human-Animal Relationships (2017)
  • Catherine House, Domestic violence and Animal Abuse: Making connections (2016)
  • Office of Women Human-animal relationships: An introduction to our work (2016)
  • Children’s Strategic Action Group Human-animal relationships: An introduction to our work (2016)
  • Queen Elizabeth Hospital Emergency Department staff, Domestic/Family Violence: an overview of key issues, (2016)
  • Centacare therapy staff: Cross-reporting between human and animal abuse (2015).